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The multifunctional baby bed

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from €299.00

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Thanks to its multifunctionality, the SweetDream 10in1™ growing cot is the ideal solution for restful and healthy sleep for you and your baby. It accompanies you from birth to the age of 10 and beyond. Choose from 10 different construction variants to find the perfect companion for your everyday life. Since the well-being of your baby is very important to us, we naturally also pay attention to the highest quality here. The carefully selected, ecological materials are produced sustainably. This makes the baby cot a safe and comfortable companion for you and your baby, and restful sleep is guaranteed.

Easily expandable

The NEWBORN package offers you the perfect start and can be easily extended later with the extension package.

Suitable for twins

The SweetDream 10in1™ is ideal for twins with the option of two identical extra beds.

Growing with your baby

The SweetDream 10in1™ accompanies your baby from birth and grows with your child up to the age of 10 and beyond.

Available in different package sizes

baby cot SweetDream 10in1™ - YOUNGSTER
from €595.00
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Cot SweetDream 10in1™ - NEWBORN
from €299.00
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Erweiterungspaket NEWBORN
cot SweetDream 10in1™ - NEWBORN extension pack
from €299.00

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Our design examples

Cot SweetDream 10in1™ NEWBORN - Purple
from €398.00
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SweetDream 10in1™ NEWBORN - Green
from €398.00
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SweetDream 10in1™ NEWBORN - Blue
from €398.00
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In your package you get 10 transformations

Twin beds

1. Twin beds

✔ Perfectly suitable for twins
✔ Fits any type of parent bed
✔ Continuously adjustable lying surface

2. Bunk

✔ Practical freedom of movement
✔ Whisper-quiet thanks to rubberised castors
✔ All castors with braking system
extended Baby bed

3. extended Baby bed

✔ Comfort and quiet during breastfeeding
✔ Bridge to the parental bed
✔ Fits any parent's bed
Baby bed

4. Baby bed

✔ Can be used completely freestanding
✔ Lying surface can be adapted to the baby's activity
✔ Safety due to rounded shape
Child's bed<

5. Child's bed

✔ Flexible positioning
✔ Your baby already knows the bed
✔ Usable for up to 4 years
Großes Beistellbett

6. Large bed

✔ Fits any parent's bed
✔ Infinitely adjustable in height
✔ Can also be used as a freestanding cot
Open playpen

7. Open playpen

✔ Your child's play space and favourite place
✔ Safe retreat
✔ Comfortable and inviting
Running stall

8. Running stall

✔ Translucent design
✔ Safe, corner-free playpen
✔ Safe to practice first attempts at standing up
Table with Chairs

9. Table with Chairs

✔ Two comfortable chairs
✔ Height adjustable table
✔ Additional shelf for storage
Junior bed

10. Junior bed

✔ Usable up to the age of 10 and longer
✔ Spacious storage space
✔ For independent going to bed and getting up

Separately available extensions

Rolling drawers

Rolling drawers

✔ Suitable for small and large versions
✔ Stable base with 4 castors
✔ Plenty of storage space: 29 cm x 50 cm x 75 cm

You don't want to buy everything at once?

Then we recommend that you simply purchase our SweetDream 10in1™ NEWBORN packages and the extension package separately.