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Baby crib SweetDream 10in1™ - Youngster package

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There for you and your baby since 2012!

In 1-8 weeks at your home


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2 years warranty
2 years warranty
Test for 14 days
Test for 14 days
Free return
Free return
Made in EU
Made in EU
Sustainable and ecological
Sustainable and ecological

The practical SweetDream 10in1™ makes your everyday life easier

The multifunctional, growing baby bed SweetDream 10in1™ is the perfect solution for healthy and restful sleep for you and your baby.

With the infinitely adjustable lying surface of the baby cot, you can set the position of the floor individually.

Whether it's a side bed, bassinet or baby bed for the little ones, cot or junior bed for children up to 10 years and older, the bed develops together with your child.

Decide for yourself which of the 10 different body variants is the ideal everyday companion for you.

With the SweetDream 10in1™ calm and relaxed nights from birth

In the beginning there is the possibility to use the cot as a bassinet and as a rollaway bed at the same time.

The SweetDream 10in1™ can also be set up completely freestanding. Depending on the age of your baby, you can adjust the sleeping area. In the first few weeks, you can set the lying surface higher. As soon as your baby learns to sit or stand up, you can lower it and use it as a playpen.

Each bed version can be equipped with castors. Enjoy the freedom of moving your baby safely and securely from room to room.

An investment - versatile and long-lasting use

The SweetDream 10in1™ accompanies you from the first day until the 10th year of life. Use two extra beds in parallel in different places or for twins. Whether it's a box spring bed, a living room sofa or a standard parental bed, the practical SweetDream 10in1™ can be used everywhere.

The baby cot convinces with its high quality. It is made of carefully selected, natural materials and offers the unique possibility that your baby always has its own safe and comfortable place to sleep. This guarantees a healthy sleep.

In your package you get 10 transformations

Twin beds

1. Twin beds

✔ Perfectly suitable for twins
✔ Fits any type of parent bed
✔ Continuously adjustable lying surface

2. Bunk

✔ Practical freedom of movement
✔ Whisper-quiet thanks to rubberised castors
✔ All castors with braking system
extended Baby bed

3. extended Baby bed

✔ Comfort and quiet during breastfeeding
✔ Bridge to the parental bed
✔ Fits any parent's bed
Baby bed

4. Baby bed

✔ Can be used completely freestanding
✔ Lying surface can be adapted to the baby's activity
✔ Safety due to rounded shape
Child's bed<

5. Child's bed

✔ Flexible positioning
✔ Your baby already knows the bed
✔ Usable for up to 4 years
Großes Beistellbett

6. Large bed

✔ Fits any parent's bed
✔ Infinitely adjustable in height
✔ Can also be used as a freestanding cot
Open playpen

7. Open playpen

✔ Your child's play space and favourite place
✔ Safe retreat
✔ Comfortable and inviting
Running stall

8. Running stall

✔ Translucent design
✔ Safe, corner-free playpen
✔ Safe to practice first attempts at standing up
Table with Chairs

9. Table with Chairs

✔ Two comfortable chairs
✔ Height adjustable table
✔ Additional shelf for storage
Junior bed

10. Junior bed

✔ Usable up to the age of 10 and longer
✔ Spacious storage space
✔ For independent going to bed and getting up

Separately available extensions

Rolling drawers

Rolling drawers

✔ Suitable for small and large versions
✔ Stable base with 4 castors
✔ Plenty of storage space: 29 cm x 50 cm x 75 cm

You don't want to buy everything at once?

Then we recommend that you simply purchase our SweetDream 10in1™ NEWBORN packages and the extension package separately.

The SweetDream 10in1™ baby bed offers the highest quality.

With our 10 years of expertise in the design and production of high quality baby beds, we proudly present the SweetDream 10in1™. The baby cot you've been looking for. We lovingly handcraft the baby cots in Europe using only natural and high quality materials. Saliva-resistant, child-friendly water-based paint - certified, of course. We work strictly according to European DIN standards. And by the way, the SweetDream 10in1™ also looks stylish - as attested by the numerous design awards our baby beds have won.
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Weight 35.00 kgs
Size 78 x 78 x 81cm - 178 x 78 x 76cm
EAN-CODE 4250612233044
Sku 00082523-00WX
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✔ Multi-functional baby cot / children‘ s crib with growing concept.
✔ All 10 transformations are included in the Youngster package
✔ Made of ecological solid beech wood
✔ Mattress height can be adjusted individually
✔ More accessories are available
✔ Ideal for twins
✔ 2-year warranty
✔ Package includes mattresses
✔ Includes 12 items in one bed set