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The right highchair for your child's healthy development

No sooner is your baby born than it shoots up and grows taller than you can see. He starts to walk, climb around and actively takes part in everyday family life. Since your child always wants to be close to you, it is also important for its development that you include it in your everyday life. This starts with a Baby cot directly adjacent to the parents' bed, but goes further: also at daily meals, because with a highchair your child can sit at the table with you and enjoy meals together. It is especially important for the child to finally be able to eat together with the adults. Highchairs are an important companion in this phase of your child's life. They support your child in its posture and while sitting. Therefore, children's chairs should be tailored exactly to the needs of your child, especially with regard to the seating comfort of the children's chairs. If a child's chair is uncomfortable, it will lead to complaining and perhaps even refusal to eat. Your child should enjoy eating and associate eating at the dining table with fun and comfort. High-quality and well-made children's chairs are therefore the be-all and end-all. When your child sits on the same level as you, food tastes much better. In addition, the highchair teaches your child to be together and to actively participate with his or her fellow human beings. A highchair can also help your child learn to eat with cutlery later on, as children are always watching their parents and siblings.

Since your child is still growing and does not yet have a fully developed skeletal structure, it is important to choose a highchair that shapes your child's back in a healthy way so that he or she does not develop postural defects. A child's chair that does not meet your child's needs in terms of quality can cause pain in addition to incorrect posture, which should be avoided at all costs. With a lower backrest, smaller seat and footrest, you can be sure that your child will sit comfortably in the chair. For example, the ComfortBaby® highchair is SmartChair 2in1 with its surfaces is precisely tailored to your child's body. It adapts exactly to your child's posture and makes it easier for them to eat in everyday life.

Growing with you and flexible: that's the ComfortBaby® SmartChair 2in1 highchair

At ComfortBaby® you have the choice between beautiful colourful and timeless versions. There is something for every taste and interior style, whether for boys or girls. As your child grows up, the size also plays a decisive role. If the chair is too small, it can affect your child's growth. The chair should not pinch or squeeze, so you should make sure that your child can sit well in the chair. So that you don't have to buy a new highchair every time your child grows, ComfortBaby® has developed a highchair that is practical and easy to adjust individually. The seat height is adjustable from 43 cm to 60 cm, as is the footrest. It is more comfortable for a child in the growth phase and also important if it can place its feet on the floor and get there without any effort. The footrest can be adjusted from 14cm - 38cm in height or removed completely. This way the chair grows with the size of your child and supports the correct sitting posture. The ComfortBaby® SmartChair 2in1 highchair is therefore perfectly suitable for children from 6 months to 10 years of age. The child chair that grows with the child was specifically developed in cooperation with orthopedists. Therefore, it not only promotes healthy sitting, but is also stable and reliable, so that your child can sit on the chair with confidence and eat in peace. Since the children's chair is made of a coated birch and solid beech wood material, it is easy to clean and easy to wash. So, it's not a problem to spill some porridge and it can be wiped off with a cloth in just a few seconds.

Above all, we have dispensed with toxic lacquers that could release harmful substances. Our colourful children's chairs are made of a saliva-proof material and of course have no pointed edges. The rounded children's chair ensures a secure seat thanks to a safety bar and can be loaded up to 90 kg.

Because ComfortBaby® has made safety a priority, the solid construction of the highchairs makes them tip-proof. Therefore, you don't have to worry if your child stumbles around. The chairs are not only made of unbreakable material but are also very flexible. The ComfortBaby® SmartChair 2in1 highchair is a highchair with wheels. The castors are designed so that the highchair can be easily pushed to the right place. This way you always have your child in view and can easily push it closer to you when feeding.

In addition to the modern, ergonomic design, the ComfortBaby® SmartChair 2in1 highchair is also a durable companion that reliably adapts to all requirements. Besides eating, the highchair is also a real all-rounder in everyday life. It can also be used for painting, playing and leafing through books. It is a real relief in all situations of everyday life because it is so versatile.

The child-friendly chair is not only a real eye-catcher in the kitchen or dining room due to its design but is also very easy to assemble. Once you have conveniently ordered the children's chair online, it doesn't take much to get it ready for use. With the "Easy-Assembling-System" we guarantee an easy assembly of the children's chair. The dining tray is also easier than ever to assemble on this chair, guaranteed by the perfected snap-on system to provide you with a highchair that is easy to assemble and easy to use. As an option, you can also purchase comfortable, soft seat pads for the ComfortBaby® SmartChair 2in1 highchair. These can be easily removed and washed. This ensures the hygiene of a clean dining area at all times. In addition to the optional highchair with seat cushion, you also have the option of a highchair with a 5-point harness system for more safety without restricting movement. This way, your baby can sit safely and carefree in the highchair despite fidgeting with an extra safety system.