Choosing the right bed for your little ones: From newborn to 6 years old

Choosing the right bed for your little ones: From newborn to 6 years old

The Best Bed for Babies

For babies, a crib or a baby cradle is the ideal sleeping option. A crib provides a safe and comfortable environment for your baby to rest. Some cribs are convertible, allowing them to transform into toddler beds as your child grows. When choosing a crib, ensure that it meets the required safety standards, such as having slats no more than 6 cm apart and a firm, well-fitting mattress. A crib with an adjustable mattress height is advantageous, as you can lower the mattress as your baby grows and becomes more mobile.

The Perfect Bed for Newborns

For newborns, a baby cradle or a Moses basket is a popular choice. These options provide a cozy and secure environment for your baby, allowing them to feel snug and comfortable. Additionally, baby cradles and Moses baskets are portable, making it easy to move them from room to room. Ensure that the chosen baby cradle or Moses basket meets safety standards and has a firm, well-fitting mattress. Avoid using soft bedding or pillows as they pose a suffocation risk for newborns.

Baby Bed Sizes

Baby cribs come in various sizes to accommodate the needs of different families. Some common sizes include:

  • - Mini cribs: Ideal for smaller spaces, mini cribs measure approximately 61 x 96 cm.
  • - Standard cribs: With a size of approximately 71 x 132 cm, standard cribs are the most common size.
  • - Baby cradles: Baby cradles typically measure around 41 x 81 cm and are suitable for newborns and young infants.
  • - Moses baskets: Similar to baby cradles, Moses baskets usually measure around 43 x 84 cm and are designed for newborns.

The Right Bed for 6-Year-Olds

By the age of six, most children are ready to transition to a standard single bed. A single bed provides ample space for your child to comfortably grow and move around. When selecting a bed for your six-year-old, consider their individual needs and preferences. Some children may prefer a bed with built-in storage or a themed design that matches their interests.


Choosing the right bed for your child is crucial to ensure their safety and comfort. From baby cradles and cribs for newborns and infants to single beds for six-year-olds, it's important to consider your child's age and development when making the decision. By taking the time to research and select the right bed, youcan create a cozy and conducive sleeping environment for your little one.