Smart Grow 7in1
Smart Grow 7in1

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We are manufacturers of baby products of all kinds. Here you will find not only the right baby bed for your baby, but also many great baby textiles and accessories made of pure cotton. You can expect a large selection of beautiful, handmade items. The bassinets are made by hand and made of natural pasture. As a premium provider, the well-being of your child is very important to us.

Here you will find a nice selection of children's furniture and baby textiles. Whether a gift for friends and acquaintances or a baby bed for the first own child, order everything directly online and have it delivered to your home.

ComfortBaby is a leader in the segment of multifunctional baby beds. The parlor carts are a feast for the eyes and attract the attention in every baby room on itself.

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Parents have to work through many checklists and make many purchases before the birth of their child. In addition to the most important decisions, such as the name for the baby, the right bed must be selected for the new addition. Be it an extra bed for the first few weeks or a complete children's room - at ComfortBaby you'll find exactly what you need.
Baby equipment and furniture in high quality directly from the manufactory.
At ComfortBaby, they not only buy the right bed at the best price, they also get a multifunctional baby bed that grows with their child. The cots can be used and extended over many years. And if you need another piece of furniture, then simply convert it to a table or a bench. In a few steps.

So that parents make the right decision before the birth, we have produced these baby beds for you. The best sleep experience from the first day, for you and your child. Order online here and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Multifunctional baby cots

ComfortBaby is a premium manufacturer and an internationally recognized brand when it comes to multifunctional baby cots. A cozy atmosphere and great children's furniture, which accompany you and your child for a long time, are very important to us.

The baby cot SmartGrow 7in1 and its big brother ChildhoodBuddy 15in1 were designed and built especially for this purpose. These baby furniture not only offer many great remodeling options, but can also be converted into different children's furniture. In addition to a changing table, playpen, side bed or bassinet many other furniture can be built.

So that you make the right choice before the birth, you will not only find the suitable baby equipment in this online shop, but can also order many great bedding sets made of pure cotton online.

Bassinet made of natural pasture

ComfortBaby attaches great importance to sustainability and ecological production. Of course, the well-being of your child is important to us. Our prams made of natural pasture and beech are made by hand in the traditional way. The European natural pasture used for this purpose is planted especially ecologically and sustainably.

The perfect gift for the first child of your friends or even for your own. You will not only find bassinet by ComfortBaby, but also selected specialist shops. The sound-absorbing effect of the rubber cover on the castors ensures quiet use of the room robe in the living room, bedroom or another room at your home.

At ComfortBaby you will find the right baby equipment and great furniture to feel good and give away.