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A mother of a newborn desires nothing more than a relaxed and tender moment with its baby. The ComfortBaby nursing pillow helps to experience those intimate and bonding moments as special. A pregnancy is tough on a woman’s body since the relaxing phase get shorter before delivery. The nursing pillow can be a great support for the mother-to-be’s body especially when lying on the side. After delivery the nursing pillow’s multifunctionality can still be used as a great support while breastfeeding. It supports the posture of the mother while sitting and avoids any pain in the neck or knuckles. The soft padding of micro pearls adapts well to the shape of body and stores the body heat which increases the relaxation and the bond between mother and baby. The easy-care and non-toxic fabric is a huge help for mothers and babies to focus only on their together being. The cover of the nursing pillow made of 100% cotton and the advantage of it being air-permeable make sure of having high hygienic standards.The nursing pillow can also be used to surround the baby while sleeping since the smell of the mother stays on the pillow and keeps the baby calm while sleeping. 

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Weight 1.50 kgs
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✔ length: 190 cm
✔ can be used as support for the body during pregnancy
✔ supports while breastfeeding
✔ padding: micro pearls adjust well to body shape and stores body heat

Delivery time: approx. 1-2 weeks