Extension for SoftDream 6in1 incl. mattressextension

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Extension for SoftDream 6in1 Baby Bed with Mattress Expansion

Extension and Mattress Expansion: Extended Sleeping Comfort for Your Little One, allowing them to use their beloved bed for a longer time while continuing to sleep safely and comfortably.

With the extension for the SoftDream 6in1 baby bed, including mattress expansion, we offer you and your child maximum flexibility. The high-quality baby bed can effortlessly keep up with your baby's growth and adapt to their needs. The mattress expansion allows for a seamless extension of the bed to create a comfortable sleeping environment for your growing child. This way, your baby can sleep in the same familiar environment without the need for a new bed. Invest in your child's future and benefit from the long usability of the SoftDream baby bed.

Highest Comfort for Restful Sleep:

Your baby deserves the best sleeping comfort, and that's exactly what the SoftDream 6in1 baby bed with mattress expansion offers. The high-quality mattress perfectly contours to your child's body, providing an optimal sleeping position. The additional mattress expansion extends the sleeping area, ensuring your growing baby still has enough space to move and sleep comfortably. With the SoftDream baby bed, you won't have to worry about restless nights – your child will love the comfort and security of this bed.

Safe and Durable Investment:

The extension for the SoftDream 6in1 baby bed, including mattress expansion, is not only comfortable but also safe and durable. Made from high-quality materials, the baby bed meets all applicable safety standards to provide a secure sleeping place for your child. Moreover, the extension is easy to install and can be effortlessly dismantled when no longer needed. This makes the SoftDream baby bed a long-term investment that is worthwhile and will bring joy to you and your child for years to come.

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Weight 8.00 kgs
Size 173 x 78 x 73cm
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✔ The SoftDream baby crib extension is ideal for children aged 4 to 7 years.

✔ The rounded corners and the soft, comfortable padding make the bed comfortable and safe.
✔ Removable covers can be washed if necessary or you can change the color of the upholstery.
✔ You can also buy an additional cover set.

✔ For safety reasons one or two bed guards can be attached to the bed.