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Comfortable Mattress Options for the SoftDream 6in1 Baby Bed by ComfortBaby®

Discover Ultimate Sleep Comfort for Your Baby Bed!

When it comes to the well-being of your baby, choosing the right mattress is of the utmost importance to provide your baby with restful and healthy sleep. The SoftDream 6in1 Baby Bed by ComfortBaby can be combined with two different types of mattresses that ensure the highest comfort and optimal sleep pleasure. Both the foam core mattress and the versatile viscose mattress offer unique benefits that take your baby's sleep comfort to the next level.

Gentle Dreams for Your Little One

Transform the SoftDream 6in1 Baby Bed into a heavenly sleep environment with our comfortable mattress options. Our gentle mattresses provide a soft yet supportive surface, perfectly tailored to your baby's needs. The right mattress can make a difference in sleep comfort, ensuring quiet and restful sleep for your baby.

Excellent Quality for Healthy Sleep

Our high-quality mattresses for the SoftDream 6in1 Baby Bed are made from carefully selected materials that ensure both comfort and health. We understand the importance of safe and natural materials for your baby, which is why we only use the best fabrics to create an allergen-free environment. Your baby deserves only the best, and our mattresses provide exactly that – a place where your child can sleep undisturbed.

Versatility for Long-lasting Use

Our comfortable mattress options are not only aimed at immediate needs but also at growing with your child. The SoftDream 6in1 Baby Bed is already adaptable, and our mattresses contribute to making your baby's bed comfortable and supportive in the coming years. With the SoftDream 6in1 extension available, you can extend the bed and combine the mattress extension with both available mattresses. This way, you can find the perfect option for each developmental stage of your child.

The Foam Core Mattress: A Comfortable Foundation

The foam core mattress for the SoftDream 6in1 Baby Bed consists of high-quality PUR foam and has a thickness of 10 cm. This foam provides the ideal support for your baby while sleeping peacefully and serenely. The comfort layer of PUR foam gently conforms to the contours of the small body, promoting a healthy sleep position. With its firm yet cozy structure, the foam core mattress is the perfect basis for sweet dreams.

The Versatile Viscose Mattress: Adaptability for the Best Sleep

The viscose mattress for the SoftDream 6in1 Baby Bed is a particularly versatile option. It combines high-quality PUR foam, a layer of coconut, and a layer of viscose to provide an exceptional sleeping sensation. What makes this mattress truly unique is the ability to flip it. Depending on your needs, you can place the side with comfortable PUR foam or the side with the temperature-adjusting viscose layer on top.
The viscose layer quickly responds to your child's body heat, adapting to body temperature and shape. This ensures the highest comfort and well-being during sleep. The mattress is generously 10 cm thick, providing optimal support without neglecting comfort.

Choose the mattress that best suits your baby's needs and give them sweet dreams and an optimal sleeping environment.

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Weight 7.00 kgs
Size 134 x 68 x 10cm
EAN-CODE 4250612289577
Sku 0012541-XXXX
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  • Dimensions: approx. 134x68x10cm
  • 2 different variants to choose from
    • - Foam core
    • - Foam core with coconut and viscose
  • One-piece mattress
  • 100% polyester cover
  • Removable and washable cover at 30°C
  • Cover quilted on both sides